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Microsoft has invested millions of dollars in developing SharePoint and Office 365, making it a proven and trusted platform. Over the last eight years, Scholantis has customized and enhanced SharePoint exclusively for K-12.

Used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies

The cornerstone of your district IT system

Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 has grown to become the go-to platform for 80% of the Fortune 500. That’s why it’s the perfect platform to build your District IT infrastructure. A single platform offers consistency, connectivity and manageability.

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Consistent Microsoft user experience

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Continually evolving solution

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Compelling pricing for schools

The ownership is yours to manage

Unlike many solutions, when you buy the Scholantis solution it’s yours – forever! An optional service contract can provide total system management as well as updates, fixes and the opportunity to influence product direction.

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Continuous development and creation of K-12 tools

Scholantis has customized SharePoint for K-12 environment and made it infinitely more intuitive. With your support contract, you’ll receive new functionality developed specifically for districts and schools on a regular basis, including learning tools like Student Portfolios.


Although Microsoft is a familiar interface for many, Scholantis can provide full training and assistance to any users in your district. Training is customizable to match all skill levels, from end users to system administrators.

Built by Microsoft, SharePoint offers a familiar user experience. When you expect something to be there, it’s there. Scholantis takes away the typical SharePoint learning curve, making any transition smooth for managers and end users.

Safety and security made affordable

Security and privacy are critical concerns for districts. SharePoint provides an enterprise solution that is both flexible and robust. Controlling access to resources can be an administrative nightmare, so we’ve built the tools to help. From day One, the Scholantis solution delivers security pre-configured for your needs.

The cost of SharePoint licensing for K-12 is a fraction of what it costs regular business customers. In many provinces you’re already covered by your provincial licensing.

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