Launch Templates

Welcome to Sangha! In order to help your district launch, we have prepared some materials to send to your school community.

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Email One: Prepare your District

This email template is to send out to all school staff

Subject:  Our New District Communication App: Sangha

We are excited to announce that we’ll be using a new school-to-home communication app called Sangha. Powered by Scholantis, Sangha helps us streamline communication with parents via two-way messaging, automated reminders and actionable calendars. Here’s some of the amazing things you can do with Sangha:

  • Schedule parent conferences and meetings
  • Sign permission slips and other forms
  • Send school/class-wide announcements
  • Send private 1-on-1 messaging between teachers and parents
  • Automate reminders for busy parents
  • Collect payments

<FOR Scholantis CMS USERS>  As a Scholantis product, Sangha also connects to our website. To access Sangha, you’ll use the same login page as the website and the calendars will also be connected.

For more information, check out this great intro video:

We will schedule a training workshop over the next few weeks and reach out with a date and time shortly. We are very excited about this opportunity and know you will find our new communication tool beneficial for yourselves, our parents, and ultimately our students!

Email Two: Prepare your Teachers

This email is for teachers to send parents as a sign-up request

Subject: Sangha email template for parents

Dear teachers,

Please send the email below to your student’s parents, using this subject: Upcoming Sangha Launch


Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce you will soon receive an invitation from Sangha ( on behalf of our school. For those new to Sangha, Sangha is a parent communication app that allows parents to stay connected with their child through features like online permission forms, automated event reminders and two-way parent-teacher messaging. Find out more.

The subject line of the email will read “Invite from” and include our school name.  Make sure you don’t miss this!  When you open it on your mobile device, there will be a link to walk you through the steps to download our new Sangha app and create a password.  The invitation email will also include instructions.

If you’re a returning parent, there is no need to reinstall the application.  Simply make sure you have updated to the latest version of the app. Also, make sure notifications are enabled so you can receive alerts for new messages, reminders for tasks and upcoming signup deadlines.

I will be adding upcoming events to the Sangha app. Here you will be able to RSVP, sign up to volunteer sign consent forms, straight from your mobile phone.  Our next parent teacher meetings will be scheduled using the app as well and soon I’ll begin sending newsletters through the app instead of email or paper.  I’m very excited to share this tool with you and simplify the way we communicate!

If you missed the invitation and need it re-sent, please email

Email Three: Prepare your Parents

This email will be the first communication sent out about Sangha.

Subject: New Parent Communication Tool Coming Soon!

Dear Parents,

<Enter School District> and all of our schools are using a new tool to communicate with parents. The tool is called Sangha. Emails from the schools and school district will come from this email address: <Enter Email>. Please add this email address to your safe contacts list. Also, please check your junkmail over the next few weeks and ensure to mark those messages not as junk and to mark the email sender as safe.

Here is what the Sangha logo looks like (this logo will be in the messages we send):




The school district is implementing Sangha because it is designed specifically for communicating more effectively with parents. In the fall we will provide parents with more information and will invite you to download the app to your cellphones.



Email Four:

This email is to inform parents about Sangha app invitations. Send 2 – 5 days before launch.

Subject: Invites For Our New Parent Communication Tool Sangha

Dear Parents,

<School Name District/Division> is extremely excited to share with you our new parent communication app.

On <DATE> you will receive an email or SMS invitation to join our exclusive mobile phone app called Sangha. Powered by Scholantis, Sangha allows you to stay up-to-date with your child’s classroom and school without disrupting busy schedules.

How? You can now book parent-teacher meetings, make payments and much more, right from your phone. We will be adding calendar events and sending newsletters, signup requests and messages through the Sangha mobile app. No more sending paper forms, trying to remember when you signed up to volunteer, or searching for a teacher’s email from last month! You can find it all right at your fingertips.

<FOR Scholantis CMS USERS> As a Scholantis product, Sangha also connects to our website! You’ll be able to signup directly from the website.

NOTE: If you’re a returning parent, use your existing login. Simply make sure you have updated to the latest version of the app. Also make sure notifications are enabled to receive alerts for new messages, reminders for tasks and upcoming signup deadlines.

For new parents, your invitation will either be an email from Sangha with the title “Invite from <SCHOOL>”, or a text message with a link. You will be asked to register, create a password, and download the app (iOS or Android).  For security reasons, your invitation is directly tied to your email address or phone number.  Therefore, you cannot forward it to someone else.  If you’d like someone other than yourself to be included, please let us know.

To learn more about Sangha, you can watch our video or visit our website.

Email Five: Launch

Send 1 day before launch as a reminder.

At this stage, we are ready to send the parents their very own personalized invitation in just 2 days!  Give them a heads up it’s coming so they are expecting it and it’s not overlooked.  Use the template below if you wish!  We’ve included a Principal Chat in the message as a way for parents to learn more.  This is a best practice however be sure to remove it from the template if you don’t plan to host one.  

All teachers should have entered at least a few weeks of events for the parents to see when they begin using the app.  They should also begin using the messaging tool to send newsletters to their parents as soon as the parent invitations are sent.  

Some tips to increase parent adoption after launch:

  • Consider showing the Sangha demo video at an upcoming parent meeting, back to school night, etc.
  • Ensure your teachers know how to answer the most common parent questions about Sangha.  
  • Hang the posters, post the web graphic on your website, and hand out the flyers we provided so parents have multiple reminders.
  • Encourage your teachers to put a transition date in place and begin using Sangha for everything relevant.  Anything that has a date associated with it can be added to the calendar and previous email can be sent through the Messages function.



Subject: Sangha App Launching Tomorrow

It’s almost time to become a Sangha parent! Tomorrow you will receive a personalized invitation from Sangha as an SMS or email ( on behalf of our school.  The header or subject line will read “Invite from <SCHOOL>”.  Please open the email/SMS on your mobile device where you’ll find a link which walks you through a few easy steps to sign up and download our new app!

NOTE: If you’re a returning parent, use your existing login. Simply make sure you have updated to the latest version of the app. Also make sure notifications are enabled to receive alerts for new messages, reminders for tasks and upcoming signup deadlines.

If you need assistance, we’ll be walking through this process at a Principal Chat on <DATE> at <TIME> at <LOCATION>.  Please join us with any questions you have – we are more than happy to help.  Our teachers have already started entering this term’s information and events and look forward to using the app with you. We hope you are as excited as we are!


Send on day of launch.

Subject: Be the first to download <School name’s> new Parent App!

Become a Sangha parent today! <SCHOOL’s> new communication tool is now ready for you to download.  Just follow the steps in your personalized invite to sign up for the full Sangha App – it will take only 30 seconds! This will grant you access to all the amazing features available such as: parent-teacher private messaging, automated reminders (upcoming events, RSVP, volunteering),  online payments, e-signatures and much more.

Not only will the Sangha App help us save paper and time, but it will also make staying up-to-date with school life easier.  If you have not received an SMS or email with your login details, please email

NOTE: If you’re a returning parent, use your existing credentials to login. Simply make sure you have updated to the latest version of the app. Also make sure notifications are enabled to receive alerts for new messages, reminders for tasks and upcoming signup deadlines.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. We are extremely proud to bring the Sangha App to our district and look forward to connecting with you.


We’ve create some Flyers to add to your school website or send out to your school community.

Sangha YouTube Tutorials

Included in your Sangha Launch Kit, we have created a YouTube playlist of Sangha tutorials to take users through each feature on the app. These videos are a great addition to help your school community get started! You can post them on your school website or attach them to staff or parent emails.