Freedom to Collaborate and Learn

Our solution gives you the tools to create effortless collaboration across your district, school or class. Personalize and control access to your sites. Add features like student portfolios and blogs- all built with long-term learning journeys in mind. Work on documents in the same browser from any device. Send home grade summaries. Whatever your needs, we have the solution.

Tools for teachers and staff

By using an intuitive interface, teachers and students (and anyone else) can quickly and easily build collaboration spaces. Build a Grade 4 English class site. Allow or control access. Enable features if and when you need them. The possibilities are endless.

Student Portfolio

Student Portfolios

Student portfolios follow a student from Kindergarten to Grade 12. They can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device. Parents can subscribe and receive notifications whenever their child or teacher uploads a new piece of work.

Assignment Tools

Inspire collaboration! Our multifaceted assignment tool lets students and teachers work together from any device with full access to all Microsoft Office tools. They can chat privately and create an archive of student progress. Teachers can use grade summaries to analyze a student’s progress and send home to parents.

Online Assignments
Student Portfolios

Student Lists

By working alongside most major Student Information Systems (PowerSchool, Maplewood, MyEdBC), class sites provide teachers with quick access to student demographic information and parent communication.

Student Blogs

Our blog template allows students to do personal and peer reflection, all stored in a secure environment. Students access the blog through the classroom site and can personalize their blogs with different layouts, personal profiles and images

Student Blog

Create the site of your dreams

Assignments online
Teacher Blog
Student List

Our toolkit includes features such as touch-enabled calendars, so you can more effectively manage your calendar on touch-screen devices like tablets. The ‘Dropbox’ allows students to hand in assignments. Or integrate video with ease — post the footage from the winning basketball game onto your team homepage.

calendar for website

Intuitive calendar integration

dropbox assignments

Easy ‘dropbox’ assignments


Simple media content integration

Document Collaboration

Document Collaboration

Blog for Students


online portfolios

Online Student Portfolios

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