Scholantis Connect

Consistency, Connectivity and Manageability for O365 Portals:
With many districts utilizing more of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, Scholantis has made it ready for districts who want to move their portals there in the future with Scholantis Connect Portals. It is the perfect platform for: creating groups, providing easy search for end users, navigating multiple calendars and storing documents and apps for easy accessibility.
O365 portals

We handle everything from setup and migration to the day-to-day management of your sites. Our O365 customization makes it easy to navigate your portal. Here's how:
Cloud Staff Portal
Access forms, manuals, and procedures without having to click through multiple sites.

Department and School Community Sites
Secure Sites where communities can share information and ideas.

Teams Integration
Seamless integration of Teams application with your Staff Portal. Here you can explore files, forms and apps from your online portal and each school can have their own team environment!
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