Our Process

Everybody deserves equal access to information, so we design to WCAG 2.0. To meet high expectations and provide universal access, your design needs to be impeccable. That’s why we’ve refined how we create a custom design, with a proven 5-step process:




Lots of questions from both sides allow everybody with a role in the project to be clear on the process and goals.


Information Gathering

We gather brand resources and distribute a community design questionnaire. This lets us get to know you, your values and your brand.
Website Design


School District Website Canada


We take all the information we’ve gathered, and show you where we’re headed, with mock-ups of the district homepage, a district internal subpage, and an individual school sites.


The Refinement

We use your feedback from the mock-ups to refine the design: a true reflection of your brand and objectives.
Website Team


School District Website Canada


After this final meeting, it’s time to sign off on the design. The Scholantis user experience team starts building your website to match your design.