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We create public websites and user-driven portals that transform education with better ways to teach, learn and run school districts.

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We develop technology for schools, districts, and educational organizations that simplify communication between parents, students, and faculty.

What our clients are saying...

“The Scholantis team takes the complexity out of managing SharePoint websites and portals with excellent support and solutions. Their expert knowledge and responsive services is making our transition to Office 365 much easier. The move to Office 365 gives us better integration with other services while freeing up our on local capacity.”
- Jason Caswell, Living Sky
"The SharePoint value is undeniable…Scholantis offers the use of this platform and functionality with an eye on affordability."
-Daryl Koroluk, Chief Technology Officer, Saskatoon Public School District
“I have been most impressed with the support offered by Scholantis. Our questions or requests are always answered promptly.”
-Veronica Baker, Head of Marketing, Saskatoon Public School District
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